The Macro Necessities

What are macros? How do you count a macro? How do you figure out your macros? WHY?

A quick Google search can tell you that macros, or macronutrients, are the pillars of your diet. Macros consist of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Protein and carbs have 4 grams for every calorie and fat has 9 grams per calorie. So, all calories are not created equal. Before taking Jimmy Bloodworth’s nutritional class at Elev8 Crossfit I had no idea how to track food, that food had anything other than calories, and that there were even apps to help you track your food! I highly recommend taking the nutritional classes they offer if you live in the area, if you do not live in the area reach out to someone to get on track!

Prior to taking the class we had to get our BMI to accurately create a goal. Jimmy did this using a handheld BMI machine, our height, and weight. I like to weigh at the same time each day because your weight does fluctuate throughout the day. Personally, I like to weigh FIRST thing in the morning, preferably after I pee, so I get the lowest weight 😉

During his class my husband and I decided to download mymacros app. On this app you can follow people to see what they are eating , copy their meals and food (which is great for couples), create recipes, add a custom food, search a wide variety of verified foods, scan the barcode of foods, put in workouts, create new goals, and much more! I LIVE for this app. Follow me on mymacros by searching user name jacqumeister to see how it works!  Jimmy talked us through how to set up a goal on the app and we went to work. For me, I wanted to drop my BMI down a percent and put on more muscle. Healthy Eater provides a basic calculator to see what your macro goals could be. Jimmy’s equation was very similar, but was more detailed taking into account exactly how often I worked out and at what intensity level and my BMI. By getting more specific I know exactly what my body needs to reach my goal, rather than a close guess.

I had to take into account that I was nursing, so we decided that I needed to eat 2239 calories daily, consisting of 169 grams of protein, 195 grams of carbs, and 87 grams of fat. I am nursing baby #2 now so I am using that same goal, maybe a few more carbs every now and then 😉  This works well because my husband and I consume almost the same amount of food! After that class we went out and bought a food scale from Publix and went to town on our goals. That scale was the best $15 we ever spent. My husband dropped 20 pounds and got stronger in all of his lifts in the gym, except for deadlift. Our eyes were really opened to how much fat we were eating and how little of carbs. We got to ADD carbs into our daily meals to lose weight. Carbs are not the enemy people. Granted everyone’s body digests carbs, fat, and protein differently but who does not want to add carbs into their life?! For instance, my body is more tolerate of a high fat diet than my husband…YAY for more peanut butter and bacon!

I hope you reach out  and get started on your goal! It is always helpful to have someone that holds you accountable on maintaining your goal. Do not cheat yourself. Track EVERY SINGLE THING you eat. It really does add up. Try tracking your food for a week like you would normally eat. I know you will be shocked to see what you are putting into your body, at least we were! After doing this it will allow you to analyze what you can take out and what you can keep. If you cannot wait a week to get started on your goal then by all means jump on it!

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