Slow and Steady

So my class is this Saturday (tomorrow)! It is the first class that I will be teaching on my own. I am so excited to drop some knowledge on people & help them reach their goals. Even if there is only one person there, I will be happy because my goal is to help anyone that WANTS to be helped. If you haven’t signed up yet, just stop by the gym at 9 and pull up a chair! 🙂

There isn’t an easy button to losing weight, gaining muscle, or lowering body fat. I wish there was. Most of the quick fixes don’t stick. Even with setting macro goals, you have to be patient. You can’t expext them to work over night like a water pill.

Losing weight takes time… if you do it in a safe controlled way, it’s going to take time and discipline. I don’t agree with fad diets that are not sustainable. I don’t think that it is healthy to slash someone’s calories in half and starve them to lose weight. You will see results quickly, but they won’t stay. The second you start eating your normal amount of food again, expect that weight (and then some) to return.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to an abundance or restriction of fat, carbs, or protein. I have a higher tolerance to fat than Josh and he has a higher tolerance for carbs than I do. Meaning, he will gain weight faster if he eats more fat than carbs, where as I will stay about the same.

Not everyone works out and needs their highest macro to be carbohydrates. I typically eat around 2,000 to 2,200 calories everyday and not everyone needs that. Eating that many calories with HEALTHY food is a lot harder than you think. I could eat a lot of fast food crap and hit my calorie goal quickly and be starving before supper time.

Your quality of food does matter, because the unhealthy food is loaded with calories and is not very filling. You have to be willing to give up some of the foods you are used to eating or make sacrifices to keep some of those comfort foods in your eating routine. I like my carbs, so I am willing to give up my fat to have them. I also am aware of how to plan for splurges without starving myself or having to fast the next day. Call me crazy, but I think tracking your macros is just the easiest and best way to get you to your goals.

The beauty of counting macros and doing a slow and steady weight loss, is you aren’t cutting yourself off immediately from those foods you are accustomed to eating. It isn’t just a physical change you will notice, but a mental change as well. You will learn about what food actually has in it. You will be able to look at someone’s plate and make an educated guess at how many carbs, protein, and fat they are about to eat. You will know how much food to put on your plate. You will be aware of those late night snacks that you actually NEED to hit your numbers. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I realize a bowl of cereal, is exactly what I need to help me hit my macros!

I am going to post my menu separately tomorrow, after my class & fill you in on how things went. Fingers crossed at least one person shows up!

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