Welcome to my virtual home, Meals For Macros! In my home I run a tight ship when it comes to meal planning, meal prepping, and making sure I spend as little time as possible in the kitchen during the week. I recognize that time is precious and during the week that time is very limited to spend with my adorable family. I spend a lot of time searching for the best recipes and creating my own to fit with my macros. It is very important that I give my body what it needs to push myself through my crossfit workouts at Elev8 Crossfit.

My goal for Meals For Macros is to give you a glimpse into what I am serving for my meals every week. I (try to) go grocery shopping one day a week, cook all of my food in one day, and measure and weigh all of my food to make sure I have the adequate amounts to meet my macros. I am going to include grocery lists for each week, the recipes that I am using,  and I will also be diving into nutrition, how to properly fuel your body, workouts, and much more.

I have always eaten what I considered to be healthy. My idea of healthy eating was no fried food, no pasta, no sodas, no sweet tea, juice was a good option, if I ate bread it needed to be wheat (because wheat is the healthiest right?!), fruit was the healthiest hands down, a bowl of cereal for supper was typical, yogurt with granola and fruit was an easy lunch option, chicken legs and thighs were on constant rotation…oh how I would learn. Despite my “healthy” eating I maintained my weight, likely because I was busting my tail in the gym, but I was not seeing results. After a year of crossfit I expected to be handstand walking my way through life, not the case. I was not fueling my body to build the strength necessary to perform at the level I desired.

Enter in Jimmy Bloodworth, the head coach of Elev8 Crossfit who offers nutritional classes. I was nursing our first child and was determined that I was going to be a healthy example for him. I wanted to make sure I was fueling my body with the best food possible for him and for me. Nursing can burn up to 500 calories a day, that along with doing crossfit workouts 5 times a week, I needed to make sure I was giving myself everything I needed to be successful at both. Learning what my body needed to be successful, what was REALLY in the foods I was eating, and how to track my food was a GAME CHANGER. I cannot tell you how great it is to have the knowledge, passion, and drive to make sure I am putting my best foot forward when it comes to feeding my family. You cannot control everything in life, but you can control what you put into your body. Why not make it the best food possible, the best food to get you to your goal?

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